zerogpt AI Detection API

zerogpt API or chatgpt detector it is an API designed to detect whether a given text has been generated by a GPT language model or written by a human. It utilizes various natural language processing techniques to analyze the text and identify patterns and characteristics that are indicative of GPT-generated content. The API can be integrated into various applications and systems to help identify and filter out potentially misleading or malicious content generated by GPT models.

API Endpoint: /api/v1/detectText HTTP Method: POST Request Body: The request body is a JSON object that contains a single field "input_text", which represents the text that needs to be analyzed for ChatGPT generation. { "input_text": "Hello, how are you today?" } Response Body: { "success": true, "data": { "is_human_written": 0, "is_gpt_generated": 100, "feedback_message": "Please input more text for a more accurate result", "gpt_generated_sentences": [], "words_count": 75 } } HTTP Status Codes: 200 OK: The request was successful and the response body contains the detection results. 400 Bad Request: The request is missing required fields or has invalid data in the request body.